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Screen T-Shirt Printing Services in Cardiff

Screen printing is a versatile printing technique using stencils to print directly onto garments.

The first step to the process is the production of films that enable direct printing on different garments. To accomplish this, the design you wish to use must be in a suitable, vector-based format created through art software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator or Corel Draw. We then break down the artwork into various layers, depending on how many colours are in your design. Once broken down into the different layers, each component goes onto a clear, black film.

Screens ready for artwork and design application are the next part of the process. This component is produced using mesh fabric pulled tightly around a solid frame. Before proceeding, the mesh receives a coating of a chemical that turns hard when put under a UV light. Once coated, the film and screen go under the UV light, which leaves the printed area of the film in a soft state on the screen. Once removed from the light, the remaining chemicals need a quick washing off, and the image appears on the screen. The same process applies for each colour in a design.

Once ready, each screen carefully goes onto the printing carousel. Each colour is applied to the t-shirt individually to ensure neatness and proper application. Handlers must then pull down the screen, a move that drags the ink across, allowing it to penetrate uncoated areas. Once complete, the screen is lifted along with the lower part of the carousel. This allows for the quick and easy production of multiple screen print t-shirts.



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