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Cheap t-shirt printing or just working to tight budgets

Here at Reinspire we hate the word cheap we actually do offer cheap t-shirt printing but we would rather say we provide a t-shirt printing service that works within any given budgets and we source the t-shirts and clothing items suited to tight budgets.

If you have a tight budget we can help you decide what t-shirt is best to print on that will reflect your branding in the best possible light promoting your event or message. Not only can we find a cost effective t-shirt even if you have large budgets we can find a more weighted t-shirt that are more expensive and are more expensive.

Here are photos of a recent t-shirt printing order being delivered to an event in England on time and within budget, we can deliver orders directly to locations all over Cardiff, Wales and the UK and don’t worry there is no minimum order you can order 5 to 10 to 100 to more than 1000 t-shirts and we have all the facilities to ensure you get a quality product at the end of it.

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What we are trying to get across to you here is if you have a limited budget or have a budget that allows you to invest in better quality t-shirts we can find the best clothing items for you that suits the budget you have. We have invested time and worked with our clothing partners producing a catalogue with thousands of items that have more cost effective t-shirt to more economy t-shirts.

For example if you are a new start-up company or a new charity and you have been given a budget on a shoe string then we more than likely can pull t-shirt stock that will fit within that budget and then print your logo and message to the t-shirt, this means when you’re at the event nobody will even know the difference that you’re wearing a t-shirt that is more an economy t-shirt or if it is a weightier t-shirt that cost more money.

Here are images of our 900 page catalogue full of clothing items that can suit all kinds of different budgets giving you lots of options, don’t think that just because you have a tight budget that you’re not going to get a quality service or a quality product, the likely hood is you will get a quality product and above all be happy with the quality of the printing making your events marketing message a success and we can help you with that and that’s a fact.

So to conclude yes we offer a cheap t-shirt printing service however it is more to do with budget and how we can provide our services to fit within the budget you have by sourcing the correct clothing items that will serve the purpose of your organisation.

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If you require any advice on any t-shirt printing requirements or any of the points mentioned above contact us to book an appointment or enquire using the contact details below. Here is a photo of us in action printing our latest t-shirt orders.

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