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An impressive portfolio printing thousands of t-shirts

We have all of the facilities to print thousands of clothing items and invest in all of the top equipment to ensure all of the peronalised products leaving our print workshop (Pictured below) are printed and embroidered to the highest standard.

Enquire with us for any t-shirt or clothing embroidery requirements

Here are a range of photos showing our t-shirt printing work over recent months supplying thousands of personalised t-shirts to organisations all over Cardiff, Wales and the UK.

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If you require any advice on any t-shirt printing requirements or any of the points mentioned above contact us to book an appointment or enquire using the contact details below.


Unit A11
Taff Well
CF15 7YF

Tel no: 0845 293 2699

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Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm


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