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Working with hundreds of ink colours

We work with hundreds of ink colours and can source in colours to match the colours in your logos brand and themes, examples of t-shirts we have recently printed that contain many tonal colours are shown below, here we were able to source the correct ink colours to ensure the colours matched exactly what our customers wanted.

When screen printing we create screens that act like stencils, we then flood the screens with ink and then print down each colour of the logo separately onto the clothing items, the screens are pictured below and are also shown on the print machine where you can see the ink flooded through the screen.

But why are we rabbiting on about screens and ink well its mainly because if you are worried about getting the correct print colours printed onto your clothing items don’t be, we work to industry standard pantone colours and can mix inks together to ensure you get the exact colour you want, a pantone swatch is shown below along with many charts that we use that contain wide varieties of colours for us to work by, these are shown below along with the ink print pots.

We have been working in the print and embroidery industry for over 10 years and have produced over 1 million personalised clothing products to clients up and down Wales and the UK from printing t-shirts to embroidering all kinds of clothing items, we have hundreds of happy customers and if you follow the link below you can read some of our recent testimonials from the likes of the Cardiff 10k annual run and more.

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