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Frequently Asked Questions - Brand Information

Q) How does online ordering work?

A) Select the type of garment you want to buy. Choose the size and colour you want. Pick whether you want your outfit plain or with shirt printing and embroidery. Select an artwork you want for your garment. Choose where you want the design to be specifically printed. Pick the printing colours and quality (if available). Finally, choose how many of items you want to purchase. Click ‘Add to Cart’ when you are done. The system will then prompt you to follow additional instructions to complete the process.

Q) How do I choose the design I want?

A) You can select your preferred design from the drop-down menu. If you want to know more about the other designs or whether there are available options for you, click on ‘Information’ from the drop down menu. The online ordering process will guide you through the process.

Q) Can I pick a design for my shirt?

A) Yes. There are shirt printing and embroidery patterns available. In some cases, you can choose to upload your own design and have it printed on your garment. You may also have the option to adjust the image quality or print colours for your garment.

Q) Can I pick the position where the design will be printed?

A) As a matter of fact, yes. The positions available depend on your garment but the areas available are front, back, centre, lower right, upper right, and so on.

Q) Does design printing and embroidery have additional fee?

A)Yes. Design printing and embroidery both have initial setup charges. The fees, however, are one-time only. You will not be charged for succeeding orders with the same shirt printing and embroidery patterns.

Q)  How much does screen printing cost?

A) Having a screen made for your design costs £18 plus taxes. You only have to pay once and you will not be charged for repeat orders within six months after the initial order.

Q) How much does embroidery design orders cost?

A) Purchases with embroidery orders cost £35 plus taxes each. Online ordering is fast, safe, and easy. Our website will guide you through the entire process and deliver your order right in your doorstep in no time. For questions regarding the entire ordering process, call 0845 293 2699 or send an email at


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