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Frequently Asked Questions - Artwork

File Formats

Corel Draw, Illustrator 8, EPS, PDF.

Screen Printing

Artwork is required in a vector format this means the design has been created using line based software i.e. Corel Draw or Illustrator. When artwork is created in this format the design can be increased in size without losing any detail.

Please convert all outlines and text to curves, as there are many font styles and we may not have the font used.

If you cannot supply the artwork in a vector format we can redraw your artwork in the suitable format which will then be supplied to you. The cost of artwork redraw is £25 + vat, however this is dependent on the complexity of the artwork.


Artwork for embroidery can be supplied in a high resolution image or a vector format as above. The image is then converted from a digital image into a digitised image that the embroidery machine can understand. Once the artwork has been converted we will store the digitised image for repeat orders.


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